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SOLD Yamaha YAS-23 LeBlanc Vito "Made in Japan" Alto Saxophone


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Near Lutterworth, Leics.

PB242954.jpg PB242964.jpg

FULL PHOTO SLIDESHOW HERE: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/slideshow/24485340

An excellent condition 1990 Yamaha Leblanc Vito/YAS-23 Alto Sax. Selling as I have finally chosen to concentrate my playing efforts on my 1973 Buffet Super Dynaction.

No dents, dings, or tarnishing whatsoever. Some very light scratching to the left of the strap ring and to the bow bottom and a few very light marks here and there (see photos) but nothing you would notice at first glance.

The deep gold and nickel finish is far nicer than the Yamaha labelled version in my opinion. Pads in excellent condition and playing superbly. I have found the tone to be more flexible on these older models than the more modern 275/280 models.

Comes in original LeBlanc hard case, along with neck stopper, "Vito" mouthpiece marked "4C", ligature and cap, LeBlanc cork grease, and LeBlanc neck strap.

Altogether a really lovely sax in great playing condition.

£299 cash collected (5 mins J20/M1 or J1/M6) or will courier in the UK for £22.00.
Any trial welcome.
Bank transfer please, if I'm posting.
5% of sale price to Pete's charity.


Now REDUCED to £275 collected, or plus post.

Crikey David, you are learning saxophone on two vintage horns now! SDA and Grassi........that sets a great example and says a lot for vintage saxophones. When they are well looked after by owners and techies they are a match for any modern horn.
Hmmm..... yes I'd not given it much thought. The Vito is almost vintage from 1990.
I started on a Martin Imperial. I am trying to establish why I bought another Imperial...!!! Anyway I have two but also look forward to playing the Martin Master. It is definately more tricky to play because every finger point has a pearl key but the ergonomics and speed is superb.

Considering you can source a decent Martin Imperial (intermediate horn) for around £350 - £400 it gives students more options.
Considering you can source a decent Martin Imperial (intermediate horn) for around £350 - £400 it gives students more options.
Yes, or even a superb Yamaha 23 in Vito guise for far less!!!
That is indeed a killer price for a very well regarded sax. Good luck.
Donation received thank you

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