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Yamaha YAS 23 alto sax


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Yamaha YAS23 for sale.

Excellent playing YAS23, in good condition. Has the predictable scratches down the left side where it’s rubbed on clothing, but no dents. All pads, springs, corks and bumpers in good order. Blows really well right through the range, from ppp bottom Bb to screaming top end. Anyone who has played one of these will testify to the fact that they’re miles better than a ‘student’ sax. Comes with the original Yamaha case, Yamaha 4c mouthpiece (has toothmarks) and a sling. Even has the original Yamaha instruction manual!

These are well made, Japanese sax’s, better to my mind than the current Indonesian made YAS275 series, which cost over eight hundred quid.

As it’s in good condition but not a minter, price is £255. Or, if you want a Graftonite mouthpiece with it as well as the 4c, £270. If you want a Vandoren Java as well as the 4c, make it £290. P & P will be £16, or you can collect from central London for nowt.

PM me your email address for high res pics. I’ll donate 5% of the sale price to Pete’s charity fund.
Now sold. Thaks to the buyer and to Pete for providing the Yard Sale.


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