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Yamaha Flute: YFL-271SII


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For Sale – Yamaha Flute: YFL-271SII

The 200 series is Yamaha’s standard/student range of flutes, they are now made in Indonesia but this is the older version made in Japan.

This model (YFL-271SII) shares many of the same features as the more common YFL-211, the difference between the two models is that the 271 has open holes which encourages good hand position.

The holes can be easily plugged to make it a closed holed flute. The plugs are not permanent so you can take them out or use them in just the holes you can’t quite cover with your fingers.
(Plugs can be bought here if you need them: Just Flutes)

This model has:

  • Silver-Plated headjoint and body.
  • Open holes (can be used with plastic plugs)
  • Offset G key
  • Split E mechanism
  • C Footjoint
I would not be selling this flute except for the fact that I have a problem with my right shoulder. I cannot keep my arm up without it becoming painful within five minutes or so, and quickly after that the strength goes. Luckily playing the sax is fine due to the different hand and arm position.






The flute has not had much use since I bought it, new these are going for about £500, I bought this one second hand from Just Flutes for £299 (April 2009).

I’m looking for £250 and UK Special Delivery™ Next Day postage is £8.65.

10% of the sale to Pete’s charity.

Thanks for looking.
Come Sunday I'll probably be putting this on ebay, so if anyone is interested or wants to make me an offer please PM me.

All the best,

Hi Kev,

I would do something about it if it affected my everyday life but there are only two occasions when it's a problem, the first is with the flute and the second is when using a pan bar on a fluid head with a video or film camera. Oh and I have an aversion to visiting the doctors.

All the best,


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