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Saxophones Yamaha Custom Z Tenor Sax Reviewed

Andante cantabile

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Thank you for this review. I have owned a YTS-82z for nearly three years, but it is only now that I am beginning to appreciate the virtues of this instrument. I suspect it is not really meant for beginners since it is, IMO, a bit "temperamental". But they layout of the keys surely has to be as user-friendly as they come. I'd be interested to have your views on mouthpieces suitable for the 82z. I am using a Yamaha 5CM. I only play music that in one way or another would be considered classical.

I also have a Phil Barone Vintage Tenor. I like it very much, and it is probably the kind of instrument I should have bought in the first place. But what I have found is that after several months of intensive pracice on the PB, the 82z has become equally easy to play. At one stage I thought I would sell it, but I will now hold on to it.


I have just seen Stephen Howard's comment on your posting in SOTW:

It's also their [Yamaha's] least-accessible horn. That't not a bad thing - it just means that there's more to it that meets the ear on first blowing.
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Mouthpieces are more dependant on the kind of music you want to play than the horn, imo. If you will be playing mainly classical music, you might consider one of the vandoren v5 series mouthpieces. If you want something middle of the roadish and not too expensive you could try a hite premier. If you have a chance just try a few different ones and see what appeals to you.

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