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Yamaha Baritone YBS 62 - Drake Baritone Mouthpiece - Selmer MK VI Tenor


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Due to massive GAS attack some nice horns have to go:

1. Yamaha baritone sax (low A) YBS62 mint condition except for scratches from trouser studs on LHS. £3250. The benchmark modern bari.

2. Drake Contemporary Crossover II Baritone Mouthpiece (8 tip .110" opening) great v powerful, vgc, almost new, perfect pairing with modern bari for terrific power with good control. Works very well with YBS62. £200.

3. Selmer Mk6 tenor sax (1974) 222946 serial no. One of the last Mk6 tenors. Very good condition, 95%+ clean original lacquer. Responsive and resonant horn on the brighter/louder side than the earlier 6s. Fantastic contemporary sounding horn. Top job overhaul with metal resonators recently done. £4300.

5% to Pete's charity. Saxophones for testing in/ collecting from London; will happily mail mouthpiece.



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