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Saxophones yamaha 62 mk 1 whilst im here in Poland?


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I have the chance of buying a YAS-62 mk1 in it's original brown yamaha case, im totaly out of sync with alto prices as i am a tenor player, (the daft thing is i been playing on a YTS-62 mk1 for 20 years so really i should know better, i opened the floodgates for banter now, haha), anyway, the alto is in great condition, especially for the age etc, minimal scratches, fully functioning as a 62 is known to do, in other words a great sax, so can someone let me know how much as a guideline i should pay, i.e min and max price, the seller is thinking around the £900 (with exchange rate) so i was wondering if i should jump at the chance to buy it or give it a miss...
many thanks,
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Both. And they're good saxes that take a lot of abuse, play well and sound good. Quality wise, you can't really get much better.

But I suppose the biggest factor is market perception. There are a lot around, but the guys who have them don't often sell, they hang on to them and tell everyone how wonderful the '62s are. So it's a dificult sax to find at a low price, especially in nearly new condition. I'm surprised Daveysaxboy hasn't chimed in yet. He's bought/sold a few of these and the model 61 predecessor. I'd imagine he'd have a good idea of what it'd cost/be worth in the UK.
Kev thanks for the usefull post unintended...iPads....
re. The YAS62 I sold one recently on eBay for £950 had a bit of lacquer wear, and took a couple of listings. I would say £900 is a fair price, but poss not much different to UK prices.
I paid £830 for mine a few years ago and that seemed to be the money they were all going for at that time around the £800 mark, mine was like new in fabulous condition maybe I was lucky, but maybe they are fetching more these days and maybe even more on the continent there's no argument they are great saxes so if you love it and its in great condition go for it after all it's going to be your sax and like others have said maybe you wouldn't get a good one a lot cheaper these days ....good luck ......John
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to everyone who replied thanks for the guideline in prices, it really helped me so i think £900 is over priced by what you guys have written on here and also especially, seeing as it is in Poland, where things are generally quite a lot cheaper here, maybe the seller has just thrown me a "U.K." type price to see if i would go for that, max profit etc... oh well looks like i should give it a miss cos he will not negotiate the price for me.
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