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Yamaha 23 alto sax


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
for sale is my Yamaha 23 alto sax that has just come out of the workshop and now fully playable. This is a very easy and comfortable sax to play and very versatile for all styles of playing. This instrument is Yamaha's student instrument and the model is now titled the 275 I believe (correct if I'm wrong though!)
It has signs of wear from nearly 20 years of use but it's a great player and I guess somewhat of a vintage now! They sell like hotcakes on eBay but be sure of what you are getting for your money. I am happy to sell mine in serviced and perfectly playable condition and it will easily see another 20 years of good use.
I would like £350 for the saxophone and 5% will be donated to the charity if it sells through here. Can be seen and play tested if you're near mine. Please PM for photos.
Thanks :)
I play tested a YAS23 for a friend who was eager to take up the sax. My own alto is a Selmer and i didn't know what to expect from a "student" model. Well was I impressed. I was astonished at how well, and how easily that little beauty played. I didn't want to put it down and if my friend hadn't been there the GAS would have got to me, I'm sure. Good luck with the sale.

Hi Jim, thanks for the reply. I have had some interest but nothing yet so it's still for sale if anyone out there is interested! I'm very reluctant to sell on eBay at the moment after someone overseas purchased some clarinets I had and then didn't pay so I was left with a parcel ready to send and a final value fee to pay for ........nothing! Very frustrating.
However, at least advertising here appeals to like minded people :)
The Yamaha sax has succesfully sold through the forum. Once my buyer has received the sax and is happy with everything I will send my donation of 5% on its way. Thanks again for the interest :)
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