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R & B, Blues, Soul X factor can work !!!!


One day i will...
I was listening to Smooth fm earlier today and heard the presenter play this track and i was pleasantly surprised at how good it is :) plus she's a local :thumb:
Hope she stays true to her musical style....

Iv'e just spoken to my daughter who has bought her album and apparently she has written all the songs herself, i'm impressed. Borrowed the album going to have a listen whilst at work
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Andrew Sanders

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I think not winning The X Factor is the best thing that could have happened to this lass. She's a class act with a beautiful distinctive
voice, and she's been allowed to plough her own furrow rather than having songs thrust upon her. She has an element in her voice that reminds me of Joan Armatrading and that can't be bad.


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I'm so glad she has done well - really liked her in the X Factor and I think that apart from a very few like Leona Lewis and Will Young, the ones who don't win often do better than the ones that do! :thumb:
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