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WX 5 and VL-70m

dave mainland

Senior Member
Café Supporter
Imported from Japan. Both are in good working order and 7 octaves on a sax is good fun.
Selling because the music I'm playing just now just needs bari and tenor, and funds are low.
They came to about £1k one bought with postage and customs.
I'm looking to get back what I paid with 5% to Pete's charity.
Oops forgot postage, I'll send at cost via royal mail. Haven't a scooby how much. Say £30 that should cover post and insurance.
If anyone has a better idea please let me know.
Hi Dave
Try Interparcel. They do a good deal on delivery and you have options of very quick or not so.
I use them for my business sending quite delicate glass items and if you pack the stuff well it rarely gets broken
This is still up for grabs, free postage or pick up, up to John O'Groats then turn left!
Hi Dave, sorry for my ignorance here. What is a WX5 and VL-70M? are they Yanigasawa saxes?
Thanks :)
It is a yamaha wind midi controller and a tone generator. Played through an amp you get either sax fingering with breath control for volume and lip pressure changes pitch. Also has a recorder type mouthpiece that you can use with no reed so pitch doesn't change. You can use either sax fingerings or flute fingerings, the tone generator has about200 voices some more useful than others - yet to work out why they have "silence" as a voice!!!!! If your amp goes low enough you can play 7 octaves top to bottom.

It is an entertaining thing, can play with earphones if the neighbours are fussy, not half as alive as a proper sax but it'll do some things an ordinary sax won't.
Thanks for the info. They sound like quite interesting bits of kit! 7 octaves sounds pretty cool (I was thinking altissimo for a bit yesterday - not something I can get on my saxes!)
There seem to be lots of VL70's posted just now.
The above are pristine and still for sale
WX 5 is def the nicest wind controller.
Times are tight so prepared to take a hit on these £750 for both - I'll donate 5%
Sale completed hopefully - lightening struck pc so donation pending new motherboard and router
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