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WTT: Yanagisawa T880 Tenor for a Yamaha YSS-62 Soprano

Il Padrino

Hitchin, Hertfordshire
Afternoon one and all....

Am looking to trade my Yani T880 in great condition, no work needed, overhauled a few years back, for a similar condition Yamaha 62 soprano. (Please note, I wouldn't be interested in any other soprano, it is this particular model that I am after.)

Alternatively, if anyone has the said soprano for sale, please let me know.

Having kept an eye on the second hand market, I see that they (T880 & Yss-62) sell for similar prices.

If anyone is in the position to trade, or knows anyone that is, could you please get in touch, it'd be most appreciated.

If successful trade or acquisition made via this site, I'll make a contribution to Pete's charity.

Thanks for reading :)

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