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WTB - A Flute!

Chris Sax

Guys is anyone selling a half decent flute by chance, l know l just missed out on that TJ one.

My main flute is a 8 key Trad/wooden flute, but l have recently been offered a regular sunday gig with a Latin jazz type quartet and think l might need a standard silver one to get round the changes better.
My brother has my old yamaha, but he is abroad working just now.

Has anyone had any experiances of some of the cheaper chinese ones like the John Packers or Just flutes models?

There is a few 211's on flea bay just now, if no one has anything l will have a bid on them.

I found my Pearl 501 on Gumtree - there were quite a few decent student flutes from £80 up to £250 on there at that time, so might be worth a try before the Devils Junkyard.
Just to let you guys know that John Packers have two flutes on the go at the moment. The JP011 (which is a budget model designed for the Wider Opportunities initiative currently under way in schools) and the JP111MkIII which has a much higher performance ceiling. One of the MkIII's is currently being used by John Franchi every evening in the West End. The 011 is great to get a novice off and running, but is certainly not designed to support the demands of players of your standard. However, the MkIII might do the trick. We're very proud of it as a nicely engineered and reliable student model with a very respectable performance level. That said, we don't see it as being a panacea for all players as everyone has different tastes. We do have an approval service, so it's no problem if you want to give one a try for a few days and see what you think without committing to buy it. If that's of interest, just contact me (01823 282386) and we can sort it out. Jon Parkinson. Director. John Packer Ltd.
I bought my wife a Jupiter 511E about 12 years ago. It's had a lot of use and still looks like new cos she takes good care of it. Not a minute of trouble, either (except when she dropped it on the floor and it had to go in for repair). Sounds good. Good piece of kit. Have no idea how the John Packers compare.

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