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Writing Out A Solo - Ex. on "All of Me" changes

Philadelphia, PA
Below is a link to an article I just posted on writing out a solo as a form of practicing. The article includes an example exercise I wrote on "All of Me" changes. I've included a clip of me playing through the exercise as well as PDFs for Bb, Eb, and C instruments.

Link - http://everythingsaxophone.blogspot.com/2011/03/improvisation-kick-start-writing-out.html

Feedback on how this works for you is welcome. Of course we'll entertain other feedback as well :).
Very nice web page and information. I left the first comment on your page as "designer".

You play very well. No question about that. I would suggest using mp3 files instead of wav files though. Simply because they are often smaller in file size. I'm on dial-up and it took quite a while to download your wav file. Typically music about that long in duration in an mono mp3 file can be made quite a bit smaller. Like only 2 or 3 MB instead of 8.7 MB. Just a thought if you want to have mercy on people who are still on dial-up like me.

I took the chance and downloaded the file anyway because I wanted to hear what you were playing and it was well worth the download as you play it very well.


Back to your topic. This style of exploration is not new to me. I use a sheet music program (Melody Assistant), to help me learn to improvise. What I've been doing recently is transposing guitar improv into sax improv. This is because I play guitar and I'm only just now learning to play the sax. What I find interesting there is that on the guitar I tend to improvise differently depending on where I am on the neck of the guitar. This is due to the different patters that the scale makes as you move along the fingerboard. So when improvising on the guitar I'm inspired to make up different styles of licks and phrases by the different scale positions and patterns.

I then type those into the sheet music program. Transpose them into Alto Sax, and then learn those licks and phrases on the sax. They typically inspired even new ideas. But this helps me a lot, because the sax doesn't have the different scale patterns. It's basically just a single set of keys in two octaves. So by transposing from the guitar onto the sax this gives me a "feel" for what the different types of scale patterns feel like on the sax.

So yeah, writing things out in a sheet music program really helps. Especially for me since I'm only just now learning to play the scales as well. In fact, that's the very first thing I do! I transpose the guitar scale into Eb for the Alto sax and then learn the new scale on the sax. I'm still at the point where I need to look up fingerings for the new notes. I'm looking forward to the day when I've learned so many scales that I've learned every single note on the horn. That'll be cool.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your web page. It's very well done, as is your playing.
Thanks Dreamer,

Yeah, I'd been leaving them as WAV files to get the best sound quality. 8 mb is a pretty small download these days, but when you mention people on dial up it does make since to mp3 it. I'll always look at my file sizes now on.

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