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This is really for @Phil whose inbox is full

I have a Lawton Bari bronze mouthpiece that I find hard to control. There is a degree of instability on some notes (especially D2) and particularly when arpeggiating between notes across an interval of a fourth or more

Instead of hitting the note a falsetto may emerge. The bari, a Bauhaus, is well maintained. My technique may be at fault but I have a PPT 8* which is much more stable, so I wonder if the mouthpiece is also a factor

The Lawton seems to be in it's original condition. I see internally the floor meets the chamber slightly off centre, but that is the only asymmetry I can spot, if that's of any relevance

From my description do you think your skills might bring this mouthpiece to heel?

Tone-wise I like what I hear and the lay suits me too



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Guess I better figure out how to clean my in box lol

I did get the message you sent



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My 8* Lawton BB alto mouthpiece was a devil to control at first - I never knew which octave I was going to be in next - and it had a tendency to squeak a lot. After a few months of struggle I read on MojoBari's website about Fibracell reeds curing squeaking problems and since I had one that'd come in a box of stuff I got off Ebay I tried it and problems were solved.
I'm not suggesting that you go out and buy a Fibracell - many people don't like synthetic reeds - but some mouthpieces can be a bit reed picky.
Lawtons varied a bit over the years, but some of them can be quite efficient at turning lung pressure into sound - they seem quite resonant for want of a better word and this combined with the long facing and gradual transition from table to facing curve can sometimes make them a bit squeaky and fussy about embouchure and reeds. Some cuts of reeds may be better than others on longer facings and if they're not perfectly flat they can squeak a bit.
This may not be the case with all Lawtons - I've got another one with a lower baffle that is well behaved but lacks that certain something that the 8*BB has. I've grown to like the hair trigger response and effortlessness of the thing, but my setup would probably not suit a lot of players.

I'm certain that a bit of fine tuing from a mouthpiece expert like Phil will cure your problems. I thought about getting mine refaced but didn't want to lose the unique way it plays and the sense of danger and excitement I get. No wonder the bloke I bought it off asked for it back - no chance....


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I had a tenor Lawton as my tenor piece for a good while - in fact, it was my first decent tenor piece, bought for me by my incredibly generous parents when I was 16. Still got it. I've also had a good few other Lawtons. Mine have all been very well finished, and not the sort of piece you'd need to get ''fixed'. What I have found is that all of them required the reed to be fitted very precisely. Even slightly out and they squeak and jump about. With the reed absolutely spot on they calm down.
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