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To those who reccomended me to this place, to those who dont know it, I offer thanks and a shameless plug. Went there last Tuesday. Was given a sideroom, eight new and used altos, six mouthpieces, coffee, parking pass, and as much time as was needed. Then given half a dozen tenors, all used (new tenor out of my range) , half a dozen mouthpieces and as much time as was needed. Left three and a half hours later with new alto, Yamaha with mpc and second hand tenor, Yamaha, with mpc, cases reeds, slings and a good feeling that I had got the set ups that suited me best. Top hole service, resources and total one stop shopping. The Yamahas were just what suited me best. Thanks to Stuart and those who pointed me in that direction. Had to post the tenor back to Spain. DHL 280-00 insured, Royal Mail 105-00 insured. Not here yet but have the alto to play with. Whole purchase smack on budget, about one and a half times what I really wanted to spend, but that wasnt slick sales, that was just being shown what was what and being able to pick what was best for me. Thanks all.
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