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Wade Cornell

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Nice clear tone. You are playing in tune with yourself, which is very good for a beginner, so probably have a good ear.

It's obvious that you are reading this music, so playing somewhat mechanically. Have you ever heard it played by someone else? If you can hear it, then you might want to sing along so that you get the way the music works rhythmically and where the accents fall. Try to then play it the way you head it and sang it. Make the dots on the page simply a reference to hitting the right notes, but let the feel come from within you.

Only one habit I heard that should be checked. You've got a tendency to hit a note then swell the volume. This should be broken now before you go along much further with it. Your initial tone is good and does not require more support, just keep the control over the tone and volume. If you want more volume hit the note with that volume. Increasing and decreasing volume (dynamics) is a very important tool, but works best over the length of phrases, not within single notes.

Keep going. You're doing fine!


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Rugby UK
Great intonation and timing, this isn't the easiest of tunes to play but you appear to have a good mastery of it. Well done. I can't really add anything to Wades' post, I think he's covered everything. I think if you listen to Michael Crawford singing it, you'll get a good idea of the dynamics that Wade is on about.
A first class attempt in my opinion.

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