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Since it seems quite common knowledge that I am partial to the occasional nice glass of red I thought we could have a thread to discuss any good wines you come across, bargains, red, white or rose, sparkling and champagne. Ones to avoid too!!

Can include port, brandy and sherry too if you like. ;)

I'll be back later with details of my Pont Du Diable Malbec :)

Will follow this thread closely...
Although it seems that we don't necessarily have here in France the same wines as the ones we export... Or under different names. A google search for your Malbec only gave me results in English :confused2:
Am just working my way through my first glass of Maresco Pinot Grigio (Rose).
(Got hooked on dry rose during lazy lunchtimes/afternoons in Provence, backed up by similar later in Paris and Granada, now a fixed habit :) since, whilst I like a good claret very much, it doesn't like me).

Although it seems that we don't necessarily have here in France the same wines as the ones we export...

When I moved to the UK, I could still track the producers through different names, in particular about Tuscan wines. Then quality of export wines went down the hill.
Unless I decide to spend ££ on an Amarone (once every two years), my current personal favourite are Alentejo wines (Portugal). Very high standard, even at low prices.

Recently I have been tipped about French wines marked "mis en bouteille au chateau".
Some of them were just average, but the big surprise came from co-op (for the UK members) that often has on sale some excellent Languedoc.

Following a recent trip to Paris, I fell in love with the Pouilly Fumé and with some Alsatian wines. I found a lovely petit restaurant where the owner recommended the perfect glass for each course, including a Bordeaux to accompany a chocolate mousse. I would never have thought of that.
I used to be a very keen consumer of the red stuff. A particular favourite, which used to be relatively affordable is the now ferociously expensive Chateau Musar, from Lebanon. However, since being pregnant with our eldest (who's now 13) the lovely Mrs F cannot drink red wine. The solution is to drink white. We both like big flavoured wines so we tend to buy wine from countries such as Australia, Chile, SA, etc. My observation is that wine from these countries, at a given price, is better than that from Europe.

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