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Well here we go then..... a quick review

Following the occasional suggestions from TomMapfumo and with the assistance of ProfJames acting as gobetween with Dawkes. I have taken the plunge and purchased an Etude for my Tenor (at a very acceptable price). Dawkes can rely on more custom from me.

I have been happy with the Yamaha 4C which came with my Tenor but decided to give the Windcraft a try. The first impressions are absolutely amazing. I put it on the sax this afternoon and from first blow it feels so easy and comfortable. As for the tone? either I have just had one of the best days ever or it is streets ahead of the Yamaha. Hardly any 'bum' notes and the feeling I have is that this is going to be a keeper.

Unfortunately I can't produce evidence yet as my new microphone is doing a nationwide tour on it's way back to Liverpool for replacement. Nothing wrong with the way the mic works but the LED light refused to play and so I sent it back in case anything more serious developed.

When it returns, or rather, when the replacement arrives I will record something and let you all be the judge. The playing won't be any better but I think it will sound more bearable.

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If you like the mouthpiece your playing will be better. It's surprising how you relax into playing when you find a piece you're comfortable with. It allows you freedom to concentrate on the things you want to do, instead of struggling with the things you need to do just to play.


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Sounds like a good result - glad you like it!

Kind regards

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