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Will You?

Well done Andy. How did you record that and is it just one take or are there different bits spliced together ?

I've just been revisiting my transcription of this solo. It was the first one that I ever did, back in 2001, and I have made a few changes.

I also transposed the solo from the original alto to soprano (would work OK on tenor) and it fits really well, with just a couple of low A's below the soprano range. I'm tempted to play it on soprano when our band starts doing this number in the next couple of weeks.

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Thanks Rhys
I recorded it using a backing track, (using audacity to cut it to just the solo) then a mic setup through a pa system using tape out into pc. Just started to practice it as I too hope to perform it one day.
As I dont read music though, it was just my interpretation with the odd duff notes

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