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Hi all. A while ago I was lucky enough to get a couple of Lily Was Here backing tracks on this site. Now I need a sax free backing for the outro on Walk On The Wild Side. I have tried Chris's website, but the link doesnt work.

Anyone help? I have spent a lot of time correcting my phrasing on this, and how have it off fine, but need to put it to a backing track before trying it with the band.

I think it's just two chords round and round (and round and round). You could use Audacity or something similar to take two bars from the intro of the song and loop it round and round to make the backing track for the outro.

Superb playing by the inimitable Ronnie Ross on the Lou Reed recording. Brought in to the session by David Bowie who used to be taught saxophone by Ronnie.

You could use Audacity or something similar to take two bars from the intro of the song and loop it round and round to make the backing track for the outro.
That is exactly what I did. I think it worked well.
I have both backing tracks and a selfmade transcription of the solo. I try to play to play the solo in my own way. In concert C (A on baritone). I'm back home late on Friday evening.
I got a couple of bars looped from Rhysonsax. Audacity is something I used a long time ago for something or other and didnt really get on with it. However, the loop sent me is perfect. I used it for 30 minutes last night. I have never tried playing along to a backing track before. I found out how to fit it in, cos my phrasing by ear and memory is nearly always wrong, and how not to get distracted from the playing by the backing. I think I will be ok with this by practice on Tuesday. I got it transposed to tenor as I thought I would handle it much better, and D is a favourite key of mine, but it doesnt sound right. One of the difficulties of the piece for me is just that it is on bari. I find the bari quite hard to handle. I have more slashed lips from baritone reeds than I do from fighting with herself. And that is saying something, I can tell you.

Thanks all. If I can dig out the gear I will record this outro when I am respectably profficient and post it. If it is embarassing I will just post the original and claim it as mine. Ronnie Ross? Who he?
Searching Karaoke tracks can be quite rewarding.

I did see a few when looking. But, like the amazon backing track, they are a little bit naff. Used to be that karaoke tracks were a half tone or so out sometimes so you couldnt use them, but with Transpose I think that is not a problem now. I cant play the above, its been disabled for use except on you tube.


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