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I am sure there is a simple answer to this question which is going to make me look stupid. But here goes.

Wikifonia is great for finding free sheet music and I make regular visits. Recently I have been using music for Tenor using the transcribe button to Bb and this works very well matching to backing tracks I have found elsewhere.

However in the last couple of weeks I have been picking up the Alto transcriptions for the same tracks in the hope of playing them against the same backing tracks... Logic tells me that if the Bb one fits then so should the Eb

This is where my problem arises. In each case the transcription includes a Low A for which I don't have a suitable key on the sax. How would the experts suggest resolving this issue? Transcribing to another key and trying to get the backing track to match or not bothering and sticking with the Tenor...?


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1/ find another low note that works ..
2/ miss the note out
3/ pencil in the notes in the phrase, or entire piece, an octave higher
4/ learn to sight read an octave higher
5/ Buy an Eb clarinet ;-)

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Whoever transcribes the wikifonia stuff for Eb instruments transcribes out of the range (below) of the saxophone.

I suggest what Andy says - transcribe an octave up or print the music off and write in another colour (red?) the notes to play an octave up until you feel comfortable transcribing at sight.

Greg S.
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Learning to transpose up an octave on saxophone is especially easy since most fingerings are the same with just the octave key added. I would encourage you to practice this skill. In some cases it works quite well to take just the bridge, or just the verse up (or down) an octave---whichever has the out of range notes.
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