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Beginner Wider tip or harder reed

Tommy Ng

South Yorkshire
Need advice from you all...

I feel that using a wider tip mpc is easier than using a harder reed. Is this common?

I was using a 4C mpc with Java #2. I feel it so hard to use #2.5 even with the 4C.

I recently bought a metal otto link 6, much wider tip than the 4C. Again it is very good with Java#2 but not #2.5. Most surprisingly, i can play better low notes with otto link which has a wider tip ..

A bit confused, according to reed chart, Java#2.5 is similar to vandoren #2. I have no problem with vandoren #2 at all but i find it so hard with Java #2.5 :confused:

Java #2 is too soft for me now, but half size up is too hard >:)

Please advise :thankyou:
If you are playing tenor, I think the 4C is generally a bit small for most. Therefore your change to the link #6 is probably a genuinely easier experience that may have provided a better starting point.
Now you are starting to progress and are filling middle ground between the 2 reed strengths. A bit of a slog blowing in reeds that are too hard but a requirement none the less, keep at it and you will conquer the hurdle.

If how ever you are talking about alto, a 4C is a pretty good start. Now you have made quite a jump to a #6 on the link and if a #2 reed is too soft then the same applies, keep up the slog of blowing harder reeds in a bit. I would say if 3 or 4 blows of about 20 minutes doesn't work, it's either too much for you right now or the reed is duff.

regarding the comparison...forget it! It's a very roughg guide. Reeds aren't produced that well and there can be huge differences in a single box of reeds that are supposed to be the same.

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