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Why is Low Bb and B so hard to master?


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I am struggling to get clean low Bb and B notes on my new Tenor. I also struggled with the Alto before it. I seem to have to extend my lower jaw forward into a really uncomfortable position to be able to get the notes or it sounds like a higher octave. This makes playing very un enjoyable for me. Granted you may not use the notes very often but you need to be able to get them when you do. What am I doing wrong?:confused:
You're not doing anything wrong. Those notes are just hard to get when we first start playing. Soft reeds and a well adjusted sax are a help. Then it's practice, practice, practice.

These low notes are harder and require a relaxed embouchure and loads of breath/support. You also need to ensure you don't have any leaks 'else you'll also struggle.

Just takes some practice. First off I'd suggest walking down to them and long tones 'down there', so start on maybe F or E and then after some long tone practice with them, walk on down to D and C - more long tone practice. Then walk down F, E, D, C and B. Etc, etc. Eventually it'll come. :)
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