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Well, who would have guessed it! Twelve years ago I lived on the outskirts of north London. Borehamwood to be precise. My young family had grown to an age where they were going out at night and I was not too happy with the crowd that they would be hanging around with. I'd seen them, smoking, drinking and doing all sorts of illegal things.

So I decided to up sticks and move to the countryside. We found a village location just outside Rugby in the Midlands and settled there. The boys made new friend quite quickly and life was good. Crime? What crime (unless you go to Dooce's neck of the woods......dodgy )

So, how shocked was I :shocked: (probably more than that) :shocked::shocked: (yeh that's more like it :)))) when fourteen police men broke down the door to a house opposite mine and found 400 yes 400 cannabis plants being professionally grown!!! :shocked:

And I thought the most exciting thing to happen in this village was when Mrs Jones started having an affair with....... best not eh!

Oh well, back to life in the slow lane :)))

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Hmm, used to share a house with two guys who grew cannabis. I left pretty quick! One of them had a girlfriend....... who was plod! Unbelievable. >:)

Also my sister-in-law has a neighbour who grows it in his loft. I think he's been busted a couple of times.

Here in MK we had someone growing it in a big warehouse. :w00t: I think they are bashing rocks somewhere now.


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Crime? What crime (unless you go to Dooce's neck of the woods......dodgy )

Mostly environmental crime. Tends to start about 8 every evening and goes on for up to 2 hours. Neigbours report hideous noises akin to pigs being strangled ;}

You country dwellers cause far more problems with yer illicit herbal remedies. At least in Daventry we stick to good old, legal, lager - and vodka - and White Lightning - and Special Brew - and paint stripper.....:)))


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Now I realise why, when I walked to the village store in the morning, when I arrived, I was always smiling sweetly and hadn't got a clue what I'd gone there for! :w00t::mrcool:mrcool


:))) ;} :)))

It doesn't just happen in the countryside near you - it happened in my village as well a couple years ago - and the guy who was arrested had a card for "Medical Marijuana" which allows 2 ounces - they found 55 plants and 3 pounds (estimated street value $100,000). 400 plants is a GIGANTIC amount!


Found out recently that the rural areas of Vermont have the highest percentage per capita of Federal Witness Protection relocations!

Maybe life in the countryside isn't the slow lane after all? ;}
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Apparently, when it snows, you can tell which of your neighbours is growing cannabis in the attic because there's no snow on their rooftops.

Unlike the chap who used to live opposite us. Ours is a fairly civilised neighbourhood, if not exactly refined, and people do tend to look out for one another. The chap over the way was a bit of a weirdo, forever giving the local kids a mouthful of verbal and there were a few rumours of arrests for paedophile behaviour too. But we kept an eye on him, the police paid routine visits and things pretty much stayed under control. It came to a head one night when my son prompted me to look out of my workroom window. I did so, only to find a posse of armed police had taken up strategic positions in the street outside, the road closed off and several assorted patrol cars and dog vans were in discrete attendance. Turned out our resident nutter had decided to chase one of the kids down the street with an imitation shotgun. The kid had promptly gone home to Dad and told him, whereupon Dad, quite rightly, had called the police.

Was a different matter six months later when he was released (wasting police time and carrying an imitation firearm) and I had to call the police because some kid's dad was going at him with a baseball bat on his own front doorstep. :shocked:

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