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surely- aren't they the kind of kit that you can't really rate- they only come into their own when your sax gets bashed about and you suffer damage because you didn't have them... (not saying that they're not a good idea but you can only really rate them against 'orrible things that didn't happen to your horn)
I use key clamps when I transport my saxes and to hold down the keys after re-padding. Better than rubber wedges.

Must say i like these key clamp's.Got 1's for my alto and now want tenor 1's.Wish i had them on my horn's all the year's i was up and down the country year's ago in manky van's:( i think they will help stop leak's etc and for us gigging alot your horn's get shaken about alot in car's and van's so closed pad's must help the sax:welldone
Yes, when you're on the road the key clamps spare your sax. A lot of/most sax accidents happens in the case!?! So a good case is also important. But why are key clamps so expensive? I bought mine, Mamco, for some years and they cost me over $ 30 + freight + 29 % taxes. But on the other side that's what a minor repair costs at a woodwind shop.

Got mine of ebay for about £12.00 so well worth it.Tenor 1's new are £20.00 i think so it's a fair price i think.
If your horn's pads are set properly you shouldn't need them.


Yes but if your sax is in a van or car and it's shaking,vibrating about for 300 mile's in the case that cant be good on your key''s ,rod's etc but with all the tone hole's closed with the clamp's there is less metal to shake about so in the long run (lot's of gig's) they must help the sax,well i think it would.Dont new sax's come all corked closed when getting shipped for the same reason.
If you compare the amount of movement the keys undergo in transport to the amount they move when you play the horn, it's a wonder they don't all fall off during a gig!
Seriously though, carting your horn around in the back of a car isn't going to do any harm...and in all the years I've been doing it the only thing that's ever fallen off is the lyre screw.
Horns are shipped with corks holding the keys down because pads can 'blow' ( expand ) in storage due to the absorbtion of moisture over a period of time, and the manufacturer has no idea how long the horns will be kept in storage before being sold. It's also a way of ensuring that poorly seated pads have more than half a chance of sealing when the punter opens the box.

I,ve been playing for 25 year's and also never had anything fall off but i still think they are a good idea and will use mine.I only thought to try them when i watched the youtube of Dave Sanborn at Selmer HQ in Paris and he say's he has them and he show's the people so what's good for him will do me.This is like Lacquer vs unlacquer,brass vs bronze vs silverplate.We all like what we like and i will be getting a 2nd set of clamp's for my tenor for sure.

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