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The guy on tenor looks familiar too.... Any info?

Amazing the way 40s music comes back every decade.


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I actually bought this Album back then. I think it was his 3rd album.I Bought everything he did I think up to Night and Day and this was a bit of a departure for him. It was a good listen though.
Petes worn well over the years. How old were you then I wonder?

Not bad really, getting Millions of Teenies , "OK I was 20 in 1981" to go out and buy a Jazz Album full of old songs .Bear in mind we were still appreciating Punk,New Wave and Disco which were all massive with the mainstream then. I had already been playing a few years and was in my first proper band but I bet there will be more than a few Sax players in the UK today who might have not even thought about taking up a horn if Joe had not did this.:welldone
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