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Who has a web site or blog? (Or knows someone who does?)

Pete Thomas

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As you may all know, any member here with a website is free to promote it via links in posts, signature or by adding a page to the Articles section of the site. (Please contact me for more info on that)

What I would like to ask those of you with a site or blog is to please create a link or two to my main saxophone site at Or maybe you have a friend or family with a site that might help.

I am specifically interested in people linking to the mouthpiece page:

And here is some code which you can copy and paste:

<a href="" title="saxophone mouthpieces">Saxophone Mouthpieces</a>
The reason for this is that, although I am unable to fill the demand for mouthpiece as quickly as I would like to, I am considering investing in a way to get more produced more quickly. If I do this I would be looking to get the page a bit higher in search engine results, and one of the best ways id to have as many links to it as possible.

Your help in this would be very appreciated, all profits from mouthpiece sales are going to charity as usual.

Also any relevant links to the home page or other pages (especially from in pages that have related or similar content are useful)


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I have one just for my own recreation .
It's linked on my info, made in front page and edited with coding here and there but doesn't look too stunning on a mac and is not iPhone freindly so I lost interest before I completed it (no links page for one).
But I will change it and establish a few links so I can help.

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