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Mouthpieces White TONALUX anyone?


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Just been listening to some Stan Getz smoothies. Apparently he used to use a MPC which is equivalent to the current Beechler TONALEX (the white one). Anyone got any experience of these?
The blurb describes it as being quite a mellow/smooth sound which appeals to me.
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Rob, Info i have is Stan Getz played a brilhart tonalin #7 between 1950/5 then he played a Link Florida Tone Edge HR 5* from 1955 onwards. The Brilharts/ Florida Links are quite rare and are expensive.

source of info Theo wanne website players set ups:welldone
Hi Pete,
The album is a compilation called Autumn Leaves 27 Standards which covers Getz between 1949-1952, so I guess it would be the first one you mentioned.
BTW did you manage to post the fluffy thing?
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