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M/Pieces - Ligs White Runyon 22

Ben Cain

Essex, UK
I normally play Link 5* ebonite on alto but having tried a Runyon 22 (black) on tenor I decided to go for the same mouthpiece on alto. My wife thought the white was a good colour and knowing how good Charlie Parker sounded playing the white Runyon, well it just had to be done. All I can say is that for a £35 investment what a great improvement. Enjoying playing alto more than ever. The mpc is a 6 and a bit more open than the Link and far wider than the Ponzol metal I was playing and at last the higher noted are becoming easier and more in tune. Just wanted to make a recommendation for the Runyon should anyone be looking for a change from the standard Yamaha that seems to be the usual first upgrade. Also want to recommend East Coast Wind in Essex as a great source of all things sax.
runyon 22.jpg


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Good choice!! I used to have a Runyon 22 - my first decent mouthpiece - hope you enjoy yours as much as i did - I think I lent mine to someone, so hopefully it's still going strong somwhere..


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Skabertawe, South Wales
I have one too! My favourite of the mouthpieces recommendable for beginners and also a superb mouthpiece that just has more than a Yamaha 4C in my humble opinion. I know that East Coast Wind stock them and several other Runyons. The white is cute, but I just have a black one.

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