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Which version of Band in a box?

half diminished

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Well after yesterday's brilliant lesson it's apparent that I have made big progress and I now have the means to continue improving my technique. :)

The exercises Karen has/is setting me are getting harder and more complex and I'm slowly moving through the Neihaus Basic Jazz Improvisation book at long last. So now its putting this into action whilst improvising, especially changing chords each bar/mid bar and still making sense. Not that easy for me :confused:

Karen and I discussed Band-in-a-Box as a good way of being able to put together II-V-I and (other combinations) chord progressions in any key so I'm going to buy it at long last. I know a lot use it on CS (BR) and its pretty highly recommended.

I see there are a multitude of offerings. Which version is best, just the basic or is there benefit in things like the MegaPak. Also I see there are some offers on things like the Jazz RealPAK. Is this worth it?

Final question. Best place to buy - well lowest price really? I see the main site offers it at $129 for a download.

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