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Which sounds nicer?

Which track do you prefer?

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I think on that particular track the second one feels a better fit to me.
But as critique...sound for sound you may get more milage across styles by working with the 1st one.
Thanks for the reply. I'm was kinda stumped over which to choose (clip one is vandoren 2.5, clip 2 is legere signature 2.25). I do know that either of these is not what I want to sound like - and after much consideration I will stick with the legere basically for consistency reasons - been quite hit and miss with cane. I'll keep on chugging till my teacher tells me to go into mpc gas mode.


Hi Gallen,

Reed selection, always a personal thing, I have found experimenting with differing reed strengths & makes etc. does affect the tone or playability in varying degrees. For me No1 had the edge, a wee bit Paul Desmond but only subjective as you say.

I honestly couldn't pick one from the other. Sorry.
Elcheeposax: I've been experimenting with many reeds, and it's down to this two. Legere for now - mainly for cost reasons :) I'll defo get back to experimenting with cane after I get a bit more time under my belt.

@Taz: No worries! Thanks for taking the time to listen. I was in the same boat till I made the cost-based decision.


I find number 2 slightly smoother, which works nicely here.



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