What should a beginner buy? Which sax for first sax - another request


Hi there get it checked sooner rather than later!
I had great help and advice from the forum last summer when I started which was both valuable and fun. I bought one off ebay and sold it straight away to 'Wants' because it smelt so much!(made a profit ;@) , I then had a tenor from Karacha music at a truly bargain price of £138 -however initially I couldn't get sounds out, I tried for weeks thinking a tenor was more difficult than Alto -it turned out the high f /octave key was out, this was repaired then there were no low notes! -The music shop did without quibble send me a brand new one which I still have - get it checked soon it'll save hours/weeks of frustration1


Well I've had the thing looked at, and there was a problem with it. It appears that there was a little vertical bar, just below the join with the crook bit, that was a bit skewiff. Could have been sold like that, or more likely caused during transit - it wasn't particularly well wrapped. But I found a local bloke who was able to fix it and give it a good service. He reckons it's a really good instrument and apart from that one problem is in really good condition. He played it and it sounded fantastic. So, nothing stopping me now. Currently trying to master 'Jingle Bells' (Lesson 8 of 'A Tune a Day)! Onward and upward, eh?

Thanks for all our advice.
so, Philly, almost ten years on, how is the horn playing going for you??
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