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Reeds Which reeds for curved soprano?


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I play Alto and tenor, and I recently ordered a John Packer curved soprano and a Yamaha 4c mouthpiece, which are still on their way to me. I use a Selmer Soloist D with Java No.3
reeds on alto and 21/2-3 reeds on the tenor depending on mouthpiece.

Can you please give me some advice on which type and strength reeds must I try?

Thank You
Same ones as for straight soprano.........

Seriously though. A Yamaha 4c has a very small tip opening, so you'll need a reasonably hard reed. I prefer Rico Jazz Select, and I use a 2 Medium or a 2 Hard. This is on a Bari Gold 7 though, so if you try RJS you might want to think about going a bit harder. The thing I like about the RJS is that theygive a nice bright tone without ever getting quacky or oboe-ish.

Thank You John.

All I could find at a local shop were Rico Royal 2's. They might be to soft for the 4c from what you say. I'll check with the other local shop maybe they have something different. I'll have to order some reeds on line. I am trying to decide on the right strength.
I play Rico Jazz Select Unfiled 2M on my Soprano with a #6 Mouthpiece. Dawkes is the cheapest at £17.45 + Free P&P. Rapid Reeds are charging £18.18 and £20.82.
RR 3 = RJS 2H
RR 2.5 = RJS 2M
RR 2 is somewhere between an RJS 2S and 2M, all this is according to the Rico reed chart.
So it seems that Rico Royal 2.5-3 will be a good match for the Yamaha 4C.

Anyone who plays the 4c cares to comment?
RR 3 = RJS 2H
RR 2.5 = RJS 2M
RR 2 is somewhere between an RJS 2S and 2M, all this is according to the Rico reed chart.
So it seems that Rico Royal 2.5-3 will be a good match for the Yamaha 4C.

Anyone who plays the 4c cares to comment?

To play the 4c that came with my Sop I need a harder reed. In the RJS range I would be inclined to play a 3M on a 4c.

The way that I picked the right strength for me was to buy a single reed in a range of strengths and to see which suited me best. With the RJS I couldn't make my mind up between a 2M and a 2H so I bought three of each for a better comparsion. In the end I settled on a 2M. I've got a new Soprano m'pce on the way and that could change my reed strength again!
See how you get on with the Rico Royal 2s you already have before ordering any more. Your existing stock may be just fine.

Hi there!

I guess for me it depends on what sound you are looking for. A curved soprano is likely to sound warmer than a straight soprano. I play one and I have tried the following reeds wth it - Rico Royal 2 & 2.5, Rico Jazz Select 2H, Vandoren Jazz 2, Java 2.5, Marca Jazz 2 & 2.5, Alexander DC 2.5 - a variable bunch. All play pretty well. The main differences I observe is that the "Jazz"reeds are more responsive, more complex and can be a little brighter. The Royals & Java (which I originally started playing, before moving to Vand. Jazz) are a less complex sound to my ears, and more middle of the road. Marca are my favourites. I play mouthpiece from 0.060 - 0.070" (Yamaha 4C is 0.047") but don't play harder than 2.5, and started on 2. I think that the Rico Royal 2 would be a reasonable reed to start on, especially as soprano reeds are very small and seem less flexible. I would suggest trying a "Jazz" reed (2 or 2.5 ) at some point if you want to try a different sound but it will all depend on what sound you like on soprano. I think that anything above 2.5 might be too hard, at least to start with.

Kind regards

I read somewhere that a curved neck on a straight Soprano makes a straight sop sound warmer. I have found this to be the case with my M2 and Stephen Howard said the same thing a little while back in another thread.

So I do wonder! Makes me want to try a curved sop now! Damn that GAS!
Here's a quote from the an article I've just read.

The curve of the body changes the sound. A curved soprano will inevitably sound different from a straight one. In what I'm sure is a massive understatement, Hisashi says: 'Curved tubes are problematical.'

The article was an interesting read: Yamaha at Hamamatsu
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Yebbut they also say this:
Both Roger and Hisashi list some of the factors affecting the tone and response of a saxophone. Lacquer makes a difference, as does a finish in silver plate or gold. Astonishingly, even the finish of the key work makes a difference to the final sound. It seems that the brass keys on the 275 make for a warmer sound. Nickel makes for a colder or more austere sound.
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