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Beginner Sax Which of these to buy?


Pittsburgh P.A.
I am about to start the Sax again and I ran into a small snag.

I live in the Pittsburgh P.A. area of the U.S. A. and I was hoping to buy and not rent if possible. I am having a devil of a time locating a place that sell Saxophones locally that I can get to on the limited public transit around here. I have tried online huntin and classic yellow pages poking about, with no luck. This leads me to my first question.

Does anyone here know of a reputable dealer in the Pittsburgh area?

I have also been looking online and came across a few student level saxophones online, but they all have limited reviews of three or less. Without being able to play test these instruments to fell them for myself I am at the mercy of reviews. So I thought I might ask here to soo if any of you have heard of, used or atlas have an opinion about the companies that they go by.

The ones I have come across are:
The Legacy TS750 tenor 1 positive review
The Conductor student tenor (specific model not listed) worry some. 2 positive reviews.
The Rossetti tenor no review
The Stagg 77-ST 1 negative review.

I know it a huge risk buying online, but these are in my price range (400 - 600 dollars though I could go higher by about 100) and I can actually get to them. They all have warranties and trial periods so I can return them if they leak air or or just junk. So it might be worth the risk.

Final question: Do you more experienced people have recommendation(s) for a good starter tenor sax?

I'm not looking for top of the line just something good enough quality where it will be my playing that has to improve and not the instrument, at least for a good while.

Thank you for your time.


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Norfolk, UK
Hey What ... Welcome to the Cafe ... :old:

Here is a link which may help in your search ...

Purchasing Woodwind Supplies downloads a PDF file with a number of addresses in your area ... :)

Just scroll down mate ...

Also This Link takes you to a Pittsburgh brass and woodwind repair shop who may help you locate and look after the sax you want ...

If you are interested in taking lessons - This Link may help ...


Pittsburgh P.A.
Thanks for all the help. That PDF file gave me one easy to get to place local to check out, and the website with shop in Vegas has a horn that with just a bit more saving could fit my budget pretty well. Why do good things have to cost money?

Thanks again you all got me one step closer.


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There are quite a few cheap chinese saxes that are OK. But unless you've a little experience, you can't pick out the good from the bad. And it's a lot harder by mail order. Often they just need setting up properly, but although it's not impossible for you to do at home, it takes a while to learn, as well as some tools.

Favourite for me would be a local guy. Maybe he has some used good condition ones for sale - these can be much better value for money. All mine are used, bought mostly off ebay, but I've had to do quite a bit of work on all of them... It's a bit annoying when you buy a horn, it plays and then you realise that it's going to need a repad in a year or so, and the repad will be more than the horn cost - or is worth.


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Skabertawe, South Wales
You can also contact Sax On The Web and explain your situation. Lots of folks are likely to be in your area and many well have contacts etc. and be able to advise on a way forward.

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