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South Wales
Started palying the alto sax last September and have been using a Yamaha 4C. Would like to move to a rubber mouthpiece to get a smoother sound and less vibration on my lips (my teacher says a rubber mouthpiece will help with the vibration). Looking at Selmer S80 C* but don't really know & I don't live close to a large sax shop.

Any ideas anyone?

Hi Bluetone, i would suggest that you contact Dawkes of maidenhead, go on their web site and you can order up to three mouthpieces for trialling. ( that may have changed since i last did it ) It does not matter what any of us say here as you will know which one is right for you. What is good for one person maybe not for another. I'm sure Tom will have some good advice for you even though he is in Swansea. Good luck.
Well firstly, I would highly recommend using a mouthpiece patch. That helped me no end when I was playing on my Alto 4c M'Pce. I got so used to them that I have them on all my mouthpieces now!

As for the which mouthpiece question - that's a can of worms! :)))

It would make it easier you mention the style of music that you enjoy and the sound that you're after. The horn you're using would also have a bearing on your mouthpiece selection. I moved from a Yamaha 4c to a Vandoren Optimum AL3 which played nicely on my Yamaha YAS-275 for a while then I tried a Rico B5 which warmed the tone more. I now prefer an Otto Link 7* which has a warmer and dark tone as well as being a little edgy.

If cost is a consideration then look at the Runyon 22 and Rico Graphnite. I prefer the Runyon personally!

If you can try out the mouthpieces on your horn I would advice that or you'll start a collection!
I've just been through the same thing, experimenting with different mouthpieces along with different reeds too! I'd say it would be well worth getting in the car and driving to a place such as Dawkes - this is where I went and received excellent advice and was able to try out various mouthpieces and reeds - as Paul mentioned, depending on the sax you've got the mouthpieces are going to sound a little different too. Anton Weinburg at Dawkes really helped me out trying to get the sound I was after (I went for an Otto Link 7* Tone Edge).

It isn't just about picking a mouthpiece, it is making sure the facing/tip number is right for you, as well as the reed choice and strength.

Also, a bit further for you but sax.co.uk really helped me out too each time I've been there. One things for sure from what I've learnt so far by experimenting and the other members on this forum, it's a very personal and subjective decision. Good luck!
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Good sax shop in south wales

Ok thanks everyone. Anyone know the nearest good place to drive to in South Wales? Was hoping to order from the web but I may develop GAS from this method :w00t:
Oh, but it is... At least it's treatable. Two methods -

1 - Tell your wife what you spend.
2 - Try justifiying your GAS created overdraft to your bank manager (including the numerous ebay txns...)

But be warned this treatment it has side effects:

1 - Tell your wife what you spend. <<-- She might divorce you :)))
2 - Try justifiying your GAS created overdraft to your bank manager (including the numerous ebay txns...) <<-- Wheres theres will theres away :)))
I would suggest thee things. First, steer clear of Selmer pieces unless you can pick up a used one. They are spendy and their facings are not very good anymore.

Secondly, if you dont like the vibration use a padded mouthpiece patch.

Beware, you are entering the world of GAS! It is dangerous and addictive.
My thoughts.

1 A rubber mouthpiece won't vibrate any less than a plastic one.
2 I find Selmer C* mouthpieces to be like blowing through a sock
3 Everyone's different, so you really need to try what suits you.

One word of warning. Yamaha 4c has a very small tip opening. Whatever you choose, you're likely to find it a bit bigger and maybe challenging to play for a little while.
My thoughts.

2 I find Selmer C* mouthpieces to be like blowing through a sock

I have a Selmer c* on my Yani 901 (and previously on my Jupiter 500) , and I've never had a problem blowing it... but then I've never blown anything else on an alto
I have always had a mouthpiece patch to reduce the vibrations.

but if you can get to a good shop with a selection of mouthpieces, it might be worth trying as many as you can, with your own sax.

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