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Where and How to practise?

Linky Lee

Salisbury, UK
I seem to remember a similar thread a while back but a search didn't turn up any results. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me again.

Anyway, I am moving house on the 1st July as I have a work placement in a different city over here in Germany. The salary only allows me to rent a room in a bunch of flats so I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to practise?

The weekends are fine, I'll come to an arrangement with whoever I'm living with for a suitable time when I can practise. It's during the week I'm worried about.
I shall be at work from morning till 5 and probably not home till coming on for 6. I know everyone will be able to hear me practising, as I live in an appartment at the moment (4 stories) and I've asked around and it's as clear as daylight everywhere, also quite loud. It's ok at the moment though as I can practise during the day in between lectures at university when the majority of residents are at work or similar.

Is it acceptable to be practising on a daily basis for 1 to 2 hours after 6? or do I need to find a more suitable place to blow?

I think it would be a good idea to look into alternative practise places anyway - if not just to give the flatmate and the rest of the residents a break now and then! So where and how do you practise if you don't do it at home? and any ideas of possible places to try? - am I going to need to rent a rehearsal room?



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There are all sorts of rules here. Especially lunch times, Sundays and evenings.
Try your local music school.

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