Saxophones When is a Troubador not a Martin ? Mystery Sax ID....


Formerly JayePDX
New Mexico, US
OK so, I just finished working up this baby after having it around my shop for around a year; got it on eFlay for around $100.

I am pretty good at determining the "mother" factory of obscure stencil horns...but this one has me quite stumped.

Engraved "Troubador", then stamped "Made In France" just above the bow/bell ferrule....4 digit serial number stamped vertically - NOT under the thumbrest but rather under and to the right of it, thus partially obscured by the spat keys.

Has some elements which seem Buffet-esque (pinky table particularly leans toward Dynaction-like) but the this doesn't carry through to other details. It also has some elements of Pierret but again, also this does not carry thru in other details.

Has the high F#.

The body is VERY substantial in metal gauge; this isn't your basic "Malernesque" French/Italian workhorse stencil which populated the continent in the 50's-70's.

Neck tenon is huge...29.3 CM...have never come across one this wide before.

Am posting more for posterity, but if anyone has any educated guesses (or better yet has actually come across another)....feel free.....

(oh, ended up being quite nice. Good intonation, nice lush sound on the wide/dark side).

More pics.

Also, other interesting details:

1) the key bench (aka back bar) of the lower stack F# and the upper stack C keys are cylindrical (which is not atypical) BUT the key feet of the connecting keys are half-cylindrical (flat on bottom, arched on top)....meaning the connection point of key foot to bench (bar) are two arches touching one another. This was a bit unusual to regulate, but worked out fine.

2) very long see-saw style octave stem/mechanism.



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