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When I fall in love (again)


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I first recorded this about a year ago. I've got to grips (a little bit) with my recording equipment and software so I thought I'd give it another go as I love the tune so much. Again critique is always openly welcome, please say as you feel!!!

When I fall in love
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Thanks Chris, I did wonder that myself. I'll give it a tweak.

Like it Taz. ( a real blast from the past). you sound like you are going for the Mulligan feel like the track you posted last week and it`s nice.

I agree with Chris re volume and also with what he was saying on the ballad thread about us all becoming Sound engineer/producer types. I`d like to see guitarists and drummers try that eh? (LOL)
Thanks Clivey, now that I'm managing to get some half decent recording results, I'm really really enjoying myself. As for the sound engineer/producer, I've still got a whole lot of mucking about to do before I've covered the tip of the iceberg.
Man, I thought that was lovely. Good tone, flow and feeling. I listen less to the engineering side as that's just a matter of knobs and buttons that anyone without talent can lean to do. If commenting about the mix I thought that possibly the sax was too far forward as you could hear the keys clatter and attacks sounded harder than they actually were. Anyway, that's not important.

I don't know where the backing comes from but it's a nice balanced approach. The trick bit with this backing is that it goes from backing to playing the melody at times. Where that happens it's more important if also playing the melody to mesh. Not quite clean if they or you have different entrance for the melodic line (on beat vs. dramatic pause after-beat). Whenever this happened I just wished that the piano wasn't playing as your interpretation was good. Maybe use a different backing that doesn't play the melody? Alternatively give the melody over occasionally and play harmony/backing?

No matter. Very fine playing that sounded natural and heart-felt.
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