Reeds What's your poison?


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Don't get too carried away by my opinion! I have owned a B&M Champion, Yam 275 and a Conn 10M in my whole playing career so I hardly have a wealth of experience to compare with. I am just besotted with the CB because it so flexible and easy compared with its predeccessors.

And Griff - I have no idea what they are new - mine was second-hand and quite a few hundred quid cheaper than a new equivalent Yam or Yani. And I very nearly didn't buy it because of the "bling" but hey, you get used to it :)))

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I use Gonzalez reeds. I use 2.5 on both tenor and alto. They are a bit cheaper than a lot of reeds and give me the sort of tone I'm after.
I use Otto Link metal pieces.

I used to like La Voz but the tone seemed to go out of them when the guitar string lot bought them. Vandoren V16 are good but a thinner tone than I'm after.
Java work OK but seem a bit lacking on tenor.
Alexander Superial seem to give a very decent tone but they're a bit pricey for me.

Runyon with spoiler looks great but the ones I've tried were almost unplayable. I just couldn't get anything useful out of them. I've tried quite a few mouthpiece but wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
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