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Saxophones What's your alto rig?


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Dunmow, Essex.
Here's mine:

Selmer SA80 II (owned since new in 1990, feels like part of me).
Pillinger LA6* in white resonite.
Rico Jazz Select 3S.
Rovner Dark.

I'm not really one to change gear all the time. This does it all for me.
I love my setup - nice and dark with a modern sound, I tried to imitate the sound of players like Soweto Kinch & Kenny Garrett

Sax: Selmer Ref 56 (Matt Finish)
Mp: Otto Link Ebonite (8)
Lig: Francois Louis (gold finish)
Reeds: Rico Jazz 3M (although thinking about swapping to 3S)

loverly jubberly!

Mauriat 67R - Matt laquer
Selmer Soloist C* (but tempted to try a Jody Jazz)
Rico Royale 2 1/2 /Jazz Select 2M

'course it might have been me that sounded rubbish Ian, as I was standing between you and Stephen!
Makes my set up sound cheap:))) well it is

Sax. Erlham pro 2 (gold)

Lig. Rovner dark

M/P Selmer D.

Reed ricco royal jazz 2m[ i think called royal select now]?

Does this sound like a bad set up???????? thanks Tom. youtube and type romeo011
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Yamaha 62 ('82) or Martin Handcraft ('25)
Yanigasawa 6 Ebonite
Rovner dark lig
Vandoren ZZ 3s

Thinking I need a bigger mouthpiece though as I'm feeling the set-up too easy to blow. Interested in the Jody Jazz ones especially after noticing their popularity in this thread so far.
Yani A992
Jumbo Java A45
Van Doren Optimum Lig
Alexender NY 2 or Hemke 2


Selmer Cigar Cutter
Selmer Soloist E
Hemke 2.5
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