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These guys contacted me when I was selling a sax on ebay. Our account is in my husband's name. They tried to get me to part ex my Yani against a guitar as my husband is a bass player and his avatar on ebay is a bass!
Nothing wrong what he's doing.I have done lots of deals with this guy.Just make an offer.I always get good deals with him.As said he also can do/sort out part ex stuff also.The guy is a top ebayer and he's always been top rate with me.
Just to keep everybody informed.
I offered 60 for his 165 + 10 post PPT MPs. that you can buy from Petes site for 169.
I was offered a counter offer of 135.
Well we all have overheads.
Funny thing here is i've seen blue Vandoren jumbo javas with a price of £400.00.As any best offer you can always counter offer and even email people and try and work a deal thats good for both.Its just a bidding/bluffing game as ever on ebay.
You pay your money, you take a chance, but i have never enjoyed somebody taking advantage of a brand name for profit, with someone who may not be informed.
It's coming back to me.

This is the guy who was flogging a G4M sax for a price that was way above retail. I'd count my fingers afterwards, if I was forced to shake hands with him. From memory the PPT was on offer then as well. Same wording.
He calls himself WOODWIND DIRECT but should not be confused with CLARINETS DIRECT as I know Alex a Clarinetist who runs it. Who by the way is very knowlegable and fair.
I know with ebay it can be a gamble. I think though that the inexperienced, looking for the 'safest' ebayers, could end up paying over the odds because they don't know the real value. He may be a great guy when you know what you're doing, but not otherwise. I understand sellers want the best deal, but at least use the top end of something's value, not something so inflated.

He might even find if he does that, he will make more profit rather than less as he will have a better turnover.
I've done deals with this guy before, and he's been OK. I have to say that some of his prices are very optimistic, but I guess the market wil ultimately set the true value.
Mark at Woodwind direct offered me a good p/ex price on the Beaugnier Alto in March against some of his Tenors, £1100 for new TJ SR Tenors, one gold and one unlaquered, or a custom rose gold at £1500. Also System 54 demo unlaq at £1495.00 and Yani 901 used due in at £1250. All less p/ex price for mine.

He seemed like a good guy to me, I guess making more where he can. Can't argue with that really. It's down to buyers to research any market or risk paying over the odds.

I've done business with him, bought a P. Mauriat Tenor. Made him an offer (very low) and we negotiiated ..... I got the tenor + Otto Link piece + Hercules stand, all for a couple of hundred less than the price (for the sax alone) that etc were listing. His communication, all email, was excellent. When the horn arrived I sent it to my local tech for a check-over - he said all he had to do was secure a cork that looked like it could drop off in the near future, otherwise it was the nicest sax that had passed through his workshop in recent months.

So my experience was very good.
If you go to a auction they start high.You play the game.As i said Mark has always been fair to me.Most times a few back and forth quotes are said then we agree.Its a simple way really.

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