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What type of glue


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Hi Guys

A little piece of cork has fallen off the C key on my alto. It buffers the key againt the Bb key and stops it clicking as I'm sure you are all aware. What is the best glue to use to put it back into place?

Many thanks

Hi Bill - the best glue to use is contact adhesive - i use evo stick in the red tube avaiable form hardware shops and B &Q etc. Follow the instructions. apply a thin layer to each surface - leave for a few mins to "go off" tacky dry ish, i use an old reed to apply the glue.
Hi Bill

Standard contact adhesive. Widely available Evostick brand is fine. Follow the instructions on the tube, position carefully, replace cork, forget about it and get on with playing. Simple as that.

Two ways to go.... Contact glue where you apply and let it dry and then when both sides touch they adhere. Second would be Gel Superglue. Use new cork in either case...a little thicker then you need and then pull a thin strip a sandpaper under the cork while you apply light pressure. This will cut the cork down to proper thickness an dat a perfect contour to the horn body.

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