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What this forum is all about..........

Discussion in 'Breakfastroom' started by ProfJames, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting @davidk at Beaconsfield services where he turned up to deliver a Trevor James "the Horn" sax to @Badger26 who had bought it from him.

    David gave Bruce (Badger) far more than what he advertised. He provided Bruce with a Vandoren mpc, Hercules stand, padded sling, reeds and more. The sax is in superb condition. My pal Bruce was so pleased as it was his 50th on Friday.

    In addition David drove an hour and a half to meet with Bruce and myself. What a gentleman. I am humbled by his actions. I should explain that I bought a sax from Bruce three years ago as my first sax. Bruce lives in Worcester and I had never met him previously. I discovered that Bruce works for Talking 2 Minds charity helping our troops with PTSD and other problems. A real gentleman. He has time for everyone and asked if I could help source a sax for him. Hence I looked at the Yard Sale.

    Forget about the value of the sax but in addition it was set up by Stephen Howard as well. I cannot begin to tell you how humbled I am at the generosity of David. He wanted the sax to go to a good home. He drove around the M25 at his own expense. He gave far more than what he advertised. To top it all he spent time with me and even more with Bruce sharing his knowledge and wisdom.

    To me that is what this forum brings to me. I am truly grateful to David for his selfless actions and generosity. Bruce phoned me to thank me!! The thanks go to @davidk

    Only gained by being a member of this forum. It restores belief in humanity.
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