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Miscellaneous What other Woodwind do you have


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North West UK
Just wondering what other Woodwind instruments others have - the Clarinet seems the most popular, any oboe, bassoon or Cor Anglais players here? , anyone with a Metal clarinet (how is it) ? , have other WW instruments but rarely / never touch them , collect them even ?, what do you think of what you have ? ..

I`ve only got Clarinets here other than saxes and , err, have more than I thought .. I`m a persister with the `ol Misery Stick , not too good but very slowly inching ahead, it`s a LONG journey, apart from swapping the hanson for a larger bore and selling the second Lyons, I can`t see me selling any of the keepers and may even add a couple more . i`d love a Bass clarinet .

I have

A Brushed finish Schrieber made Buffet B12 with most of the (feebly screened) lettering missing, though the thing is in lovely condition (almost as if schreiber did it deliberately to lose the Buffet name as fast as possible) , I love the keywork on this over the Yamahas and cheaper Hansons, it blows free-er too than those also .. Clarinets are what Buffet does well, Real well, you could play Professionally with a B12 thanks to that keywork, the B12 is without doubt the most famous budget clarinet.

Hanson SE5 . really a better horn than the B12 (I`d say better than the E series too) as it sounds sweeter through the range and the keywork is even better but it`s too resistive for me, they do a larger bore version which I`m looking into ..

Two Lyons C Clarinets (Ones in the Yard sale) . dead useful as its waterproof and in C , bombproof, Cheap used and user-fixable . sounds far better than it ought to , easier to play in the upper register than a "real" clarinet but as you can imagine, comparing the keywork to a B12 is like comparing a Sinclair C5 to a Mobility scooter (Both are electrically powered cars but I know which I`d trust my Granny on) . Great fun and Novel

Buescher Aristocrat . Unlike the Saxes, the aristos were budget models , basically the Bundy resonite with a more exclusive badge on - not as good as the B12 in any respect (though not miles behind), an easy blow with OK keywork..

I had a Yamaha 250 Briefly before the hanson (to try and sold it a week later ) I didn`t like it at all, it was as restrictive as the Hanson SE5 without the same sweet sound and the keywork wasn`t even close to the Buffet (slower and less precise) even the holes were harder to cover than the B12/SE5/Lyons/Buescher .
I had a Hanson Student model, the LE3 ? anyway the keywork was poor and had coil springs in (even the Buescher is better and the Hanson SE miles better) though the hard rubber body was superb and blew free-er than my current SE 5.

Deffo recommend the B12 and SE5 and higher Hansons, rather unimpressed with Yamaha from my personal experience (tried a 26 Mk1 too and it was worse than the 250) though I didn`t care for the Buffet B10 which is a lot less than a B12 with the bell ring missing . Old Resonites / bueschers are worth the lowball cash you can get them for and everyone should have a Lyons "Lego" Clarinet.
Two flutes- one Yamaha and a TJ Cantabile, a lovely Kolhert Bass clarinet, lots of Lee Oskar harmonicas, a couple of Chieftain low whistles..... a musical conch shell too!
Two on Flute ! . I couldn`t get the hang of the Embouchure .. Brass, Yes - Flute - no way .......
Bb clarinet, various recorders, chanter, Fife( can't play it) various whistles, mouth organs and ocarinas. Does a kazzoo count as woodwind or a jaws harp? Oh and a home made bottle pan pipe thingummy.
I suppose recorders are allowable (if not, go to the next post). I have a Schneider (GDR) wooden tenor recorder and Yamaha YRT-304BII tenor recorder. The Yamaha is better.
Pearl flute, Akai EWI 4000S, as Jules is counting harmonicas, a 1937 rebuilt Hohner Erika Melodeon, a cheap 50 year old dreadnought guitar and a 36 year old banjo. Both qualify as they are mainly wood and give me the wind when I olay them. Oops, forgot high D whistle/piccolo.
I forgot recorders , I have 2 Sopraninos and a Tenor in Aulos, a Yamaha 300 series Descant (top of the range plastic) and a couple of cheapo descants (JHS and Suzuki) which were bought for a fiver to try .. I`d like a nice wooden descant by Mollenhauer .

Free reed instruments (accordions, Melodeons, Steirische Harmonikas, Mouthies and Concertinas etc) don`t count , they`re Steel-wind not woodwind ;)
Clarinet, flute and I'm fairly sure I've got a fife lurking somewhere. Got a handful of recorders too.
Clarinet, descant recorder (soon a tenor as well), tenor and soprano ocarina, xaphoon, and while they're certainly not woodwinds, I've got two trumpets and a flugelhorn which I regularly play. Oh, and a french horn on indefinite loan.
Clarinets (gathering dust and probably worse) and flute, which I play rather badly. Here's a pic of me doing so (I'm quite pleased with the shoes, though):
Crumpsall CB gig 2.jpg
2 Bb clarinets - Buffet B12 and Buisson, 1 Leblanc alto clarinet, various Hohner harmonicas, 2 shenai, Dixon low A whistle, various indian bamboo whistles, B&H oboe, duduk, Nepalese bansuri, Puny Tune 4 hole miniature whistle... nothing much, really..

eventually I'll crack and get into native American flutes - I fancy one of those big drone flutes
I`m amazed at how many play flutes ! . no one admitting playing a dual-reed instrument yet ..... and no OG, a two voice Hohner Erika doesn`t count as a "Dual reed" it`s got more like 160 reeds in total counting the bass end
I have sold off all my accumulated woodwinds until only tenor sax and alto flute remain. I played bassoon in college and doubled clarinet and soprano flute in several big bands. I used to play pit in musicals - piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet. There was also a fusion group that I played in during the 'early '80s - soprano/alto/tenor saxes, electric guitar, and percussion.

Life's a lot more simple with just a tenor and an alto flute. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Ha ha my tenner recorder arrived today. It cost £10 so it's a tenor for a tenner lol. Replaced the split pad on low C and put the cork for the lower joint in the right way round (Reverse conical bore innit) and she's sorted. Must stop playing it and practice the saxophone.
- don't oboe, duduk and shenai count?

I didn`t spot Oboe in there and I was looking, honest (so there`s one after all :) as for Duduk and Shenai, aren`t they characters from Stargate Atlantis ?
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