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Paphos, Cyprus
Hi All

I know this is a regular question and a difficult one to answer. I currently play a Bauhaus AS PD Alto which ive had for two years and am very very pleased with, shipped out to me in Cyprus by Studio Saxophones.

I am currently looking at buying a Yamaha YTS 32 Tenor, but it comes without a mouthpiece. I have tried it out and it seems all ok, but does not have a very good sound/tone. I am putting it down to the mouthpiece I tried it with, it was a plastic Yanagisawa (no other markings on it) that came with the new tenor a friend has purchased. So probally not a fair trial.

My problem is, out here in Cyprus we have very few music shops and none which have a good stock of mouthpieces, so my only real option is to buy mail order from the net. Which to buy!!!!

I currently use a Selmer C* with my Alto and get on fine with that, am thinking of getting a Yamaha Custom 4CM to start on the tenor, thought it would be better than the standard plastic 4C, or would a Selmer C* perform simular on the tenor.

Any advice welcomed.

Cheers all

The Selmer's probably the safest bet.

I'm surprised about the Yani - their mouthpieces have a good reputation. Did you try any different reeds? I didn't know they did plastic ones, I thought they were either metal or hard rubber.
Baz, have limited knowledge regarding mouthpieces apart from what I've learnt on my relatively recent journey into the world of saxophones but I do know that I believe I'm correct in saying that Yanagisawa are highly regarded and I also believe I'm correct in stating that the cheapest mouthpiece they make retails at over £100 more commonly around £120-130 and are I believe made from Ebonite.

So would seriously consider advice like that which Kev- above has offered, before you possibly spend a significant amount of money on another piece!

Rgds Lee.
Currently having a lot of sucess and fun with Rico graftonite and metalite mouthpieces. I liked the soprano one so much I've bought a baritone one. Thomann have them in at very reasonable prices. E60 for the bari and sop metalite delivered.

Don't know what the tenor would be like but not a vast amount of money to find out.
The Yamaha CM mouthpieces are quite different to the C ones. They have a square chamber instead of a round one. Their external shape and their feel are different, too. And they cost more. I started with the 4CM that came with my saxophone and later bought a 5CM that I still use occasionally. My suggestion is that if go down the CM route, you should consider a 5 or a 6. That additional opening seems to make a difference (in my case anyway).
Hi all

Thanks for the replies.

I may have been doing Yanagisawa an injustice, just spoken to my friend who loaned it me, and it appears it is ebonite and apparently is a size 6, which may be the problem, as that is a lot wider than I am currently playing on my Alto. I tried a tenor a while ago and got on a lot better with it than the try this time, I believe that was a narrower tip opening.

I think if I buy the YTS 32 (which is almost a certainty) I will perhaps go for the cheaper 4C to start with, as I am coming to UK next April and could fit in a session at and have a try of a range of others, wont have the tenor there though but im sure they would oblige with a try out on a Yamaha!

Thanks again for your thoughts


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