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Beginner What is your favourite music piece to play on Sax?

Isle of Skye
I Have a few songs/tunes that I like to play but no clear favourite. I supposr "Misty" is about the closest I have to a favourite. I would love to learn "Sophisticated Lady" all the way through. I have made a start but it gets quite hard later on for a beginner. What is your favourite or favourites and why? Also is there any good sounding tunes that you could recommend to a relative beginner?
I love the old cliche tunes like Harlem Nocturne, Night Train and occasionally Pink panther (but don't tell anyone please).

Often the tune is horn specific, so I might play Loverman on alto, but All the Things You Are on tenor.
Harlem Nocturne, Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Sam Butera version), Ain't Misbehaving, . Oh, and Rodriguez Guitar Concerto/Sketches of Spain on soprano.... All great tunes with plenty of room for flexibility and getting really expressive/hammy with swoops, bends, growls etc... (except the final one which is just- well a lovely bit of music)
God bless the child
N.R Shackleton goes to the circus - Finn Peters
In a sentimental mood
I'm beginning to see the light
The nearness of you

Trying to play Zavodovski Island by the portico quartet

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I learned lots of Clareence Clemons solos!! (My Saxhero).

but also play (still struggling with them!)

A Change Is Gonna Come (Cook). Soprano or tenor. Tenor is easier for me! King Curtis version.

Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers).

There Is Something On Your Mind (Jay McNeely). I learned Grady Gaines version.

Try A little Tenderness (Woods, Campell, Connelly). Willis Jackson version but I have a live version by CC and the Redbank Rockers that I like a lot. Clemons tenor is burning!!!!

Please Send Me Somone To Love (Percy Mayfield).
'Summertime', it was the first one I could play without the music.
I'm working on the second one, 'You must remember this'.
I just realised the irony in that as I typed it.
Desafinado is the current favourite, followed by Girl from Ipanema (must be hankering after some Brazilian sun :) ), and a thing called Funky Blues by Bugs Bower which is good technical exercise for reliably hitting a crisp bottom B and Bb, but also sounds pretty good.
For me this is a shifting sand..............

As I get more (moderately more :)) competent I play new things which I enjoy more so this is just for now.

Alfie & Paul's Pal (Sonny Rollins), Three O Clock in the Morning (Dexter Gordon), Honeysuckle Rose, Coco Beano.

I am also starting to work on Heavenless which is a great tune.
As a total beginner my repertoire of tunes is limited to say the least - I'm pretty happy with anything I can play that listeners recognise!! ;}
But, my fave tune to toot out at the moment is 'Suicide is Painless' (theme from M*A*S*H) except it does get a little stuck in my head so I go around the farm all day singing it!
We did Summertime to the death a few years ago at an Open University summer school. You know the saying, 'you can have too much of a good thing' ...?

I'm currently working on a rendition of the Poirot theme music with a view to talking the MD into letting me play it solo at the next concert. I'm also trying to talk a rather rusty pianist into accompanying me (the MD would do it, but I want it to be all my own work).

Favourite tunes I can already play:
  • Cry Me A River on Alto
  • Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered (on Tenor)

Favourite tunes I'm trying to learn (all on Alto):
  • Syrinx (Debussy)
  • Yakkety Sax
  • Valse Vanite (Weidoeft)
  • Csardas (Monti)

Not exactly predictable, me. :)

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