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I've been thinking about getting a tenor for a while, but i'm not sure about how much they cost! I know the rough costs of different levels of alto, but presumably tenors are more expensive. Could anyone tell me how much the going rate is for intermediate standard tenors (i'll be using it a secondary sax after my alto, and am happy with new or used (imho used is usually better value))

Well, if your after a good tenor without paying big bucks then take a look at the Bauhaus Walstein Range which start around £560.00. I know a few that are very happy with their Bauhaus Walstein - Action Improved - Deluxe - Bronze Series Tenor which costs £745.00.
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You should get something decent enough for £300 - 400 like an Elkhart II or Trevor James and others ( www.saxheaven.com or www.preloved.co.uk , for example - used). Paul is right about the BW range - virtually pro quality at student prices. Also John Packer have a decent Tenor range, in different finishes, including a Silver Plate JP042S at £432 (ex-demo) www.johnpacker.co.uk .

What is your budget? My tech - Richard Hamer - has a used Conn 16m Tenor "Shooting Star" (his pro back up horn) for sale at £550 - at www.woodwindsalesandrepairs.com . Conns, Martins, Bueschers are all good value used horns IF in good condition.

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you might look over ebay......you won't be able to try it first, but then sometimes you can get a real bargain too. just be sure to ck the feedback of who you buy from & make sure it's all good. there are some good deals, but normally a decent tenor will run you around a $1000 US. I've bought both an alto & a tenor off ebay (late vintage Bueschers) and they were as described & played well after fixing a leak or so. you pretty much get what you pay for these days. just don't pay too much, whatever you see you like ck the value first independently & don't bid more than that. there's always another horn.

the Conn shooting star or Director model looks like a nice horn provided it was made in Elkhart & I assume it was if in 1962. Conn ran into some problems in the late 60's & early 70's, sold out & moved their factory to Texas. those horns weren't too good. ck to see where it was made, if it says "made in Mexico" avoid it like the plague which the one in the pic obviously wasn't. that one should be a good one.

Bauhaus Walstein is an asian made horn, but I have heard some good things about them, and the sound clips I've heard were very good too. a lot depends on if it's set up right & if the neck fits good & such.

I always try to buy a horn I can get most of my money back were I to decide to sell it later cause you never can tell, you may find another later you like better. it do happen, lol.

another under valued horn can be the old Yamaha 61 pro model, Yamaha's first pro sax. they can pleasantly surprise you & they are relatively inexpensive or were if you can find one. folks seem to have found about about them over the last several yrs & they have gone up in value but not that much.

then of course there's the Selmer Paris Mark VII tenor, a somewhat controversial horn in that many who are use to a VI just don't like them. they are not a VI, were never intended to be; they have a different taper & a larger bore, they're louder, more powerful, can reach higher altissimo easier and the keywork is a bit of a stretch for someone with small hands. sometimes you can find a real bargain on these & I have heard some that play quite good & sound fabulous. I've heard some that didn't too but the same goes for a VI also. however, some of the VII tenors are quite good despite what you may hear. these I would have to try first.

anyway, since you seem to be on a limited budget in regards to a tenor (and who isn't on a budget these days) the above horns are a few of my humble suggestions. I am by no means an expert on any of them, and it's just my opinion.......was only trying to be of some help. good luck in your quest & I hope you find a really good horn for a really good price. do your research on any horn before you buy though, know what you're getting & it's value, seek opinions of those who do have actual experience with them. I have had Bueschers & a YTS61. they were good.
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