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Kenny G appeals to a certain market. Pat Metheny to a very different group of people. Kenny G's very good at what he does and goes out to entertain. PM tends to be more self-indulgent when he plays.

I'm not a fan of either of them, although there's something about Kenny G's tone on sop that really impresses me (just destroyed all my credibility now).

Sadly there's a tendancy to trash someone's music because it doesn't appeal to you. And in the jazz/sax arena Kenny G is public enemy No. 1. But I don't think it's right. Kenny G's music may not be what you want to do or listen to, but it doesn't destroy it's validity for others. Because you don't like someone's music, doesn't necessarily mean that it's poor or bad. One could equally say the same about Michael Nyman, or Perry Como, or Tom Jones.

Each to his own.
I have to agree with Kev's post. Whether you like what somebody does is a matter of personal taste. The fact that it may not adhere to your own personal ideal does not mean that it doesn't stand up in it's own right.

But publicly slating somebody's work solely BECAUSE it doesn't fit to your ideal destroys, in my eyes, any credibility you have as a performer.

We are all musicians and should therefore be able to appreciate what another musician does whether we 'like' it or not. Like Kev I am not a fan of either of the musicians in question here - but I am happy to accept that each has a place within their own particular arena and does very well with it - how many of us will ever achieve that . . . . . . . . .
A third vote from a similar standpoint. I think the biggest mistake is to try and put KG's music into the jazz fold at all. I am no fan but he has written some beautiful music - Esther springs to mind which was used as theme tune to a TV programme on Lloyd George if I recall. Rather like Jamie Cullen or Andy Sheppard, both of whom are sniped at by 'proper' Jazz musicians because (I am told by several I know) they don't push the boundaries of jazz - it much more easy listening and in some cases (Songbird from KG for example) lift music.

There's nothing wrong with listening to it if that's your bag! I also suspect that most jazz musicians make little money compared (especially compared) to Kenny G and that must grate.

I also know many people, some good musicians among them, who decry jazz for being a jumble of notes played by musicians who can't read music and so who just randomly play any note in any order. Those of us better informed know this not to be the case however jazz is typically a rather complex form of music to understand (and to play) and some of it is really hard to 'get'.

If you don't get it, it's hard to enjoy listening to it. Messrs Sheppard, G and Cullen (there are others) don't need much 'getting' compared to for example a lot of John Coltrane or Charlie Parker's jazz.
I also wonder how much this is driven by envy. It does actually take a lot to be very successful in the "popular" genre (there's only so much room at the top), but the rewards are much greater than in "minority" genres. If you want to take the low paying artistic high ground, then fine, but don't knock others that haven't taken your path.
Very old news. If you can be bothered to read it here's more of the same. He goes into rather more detail.
Just an ignorant self opinionated guy who doesent really care what others may like....

B.T.W. Isent Kenny G one of the least well known, unsucsesfull, poorest sax players around? also going around in rags?......i think not!!!
You only have to look at G's bank ballance to know that loads of people love what he does.
Why do people have to slag off others just to get publicity?

PS I personaly can't stand what he does,.....even if he does it well!
Cliff Richard springs to mind also...... sold out in the early 60s but made squillians. I'd like to think I'd be altruistic abou my phenomenal talent (if I had any!) rather than go after the dosh. I probably wouldn't though.

Is this actually your favourite youtube video. If not maybe we should move it somewhere else.

What I find odd is one bit in the full text that Nick linked to.

It's often used in Kenny's defence that he isn't a jazz player so why judge him as such? However Pat insists that kenny is a jazz player and so should be compared to john coltrane or wayne shorter.

I find that alone to be rather unfair, as I'm not aware kenny pretends to be a "jazz" player as such.
You don't know me and you definitely don't know my wife, so I am happy to tell you she actually thought the Prison video was real!!!


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