What can you really tell about asax in a photo?


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What can you really tell about a sax in a photo?

As someone who often browses the net for sax info and sales etc I thought I'd have to be pretty unlucky to get badly fooled if I was buying.

Its obvious that, when making a decision to buy you have allowed for a little bit of something not necessarily evident in the pictures. But I took pics of my latest edition today and was a bit gosmacked how similar it looked in condition to my old MKVI.
I have to tell you these two saxes are worlds apart cosmetically, I mean one would score 99/100 and the other would struggle to get 60/100.

Yes, multiple pictures from lots of angles goes a long way, but if someone wants to be deviant I am now convinced that even with care I could get stung on the likes of E Bay.
No more relying on the fact that the seller would have to photoshop something or deliberately hide things with a glare from the flash or even refuse to take more pics on request.

These two horns are so different, even though the picture angles aren't quite the same, you get what i'm saying...the camera never lies??? Beleive me it does.
Just something to think about!!

Really need to be careful out there....ugly saxes are great too but only if you know that when you're buying.

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The 1965 one on the right. :D

She wasn't a real Dog though.
Maybe in the past, once to often she stayed out a little later at night than you'd like and you never saw who dropped her off at the end of the road.
But always remained faithful enough to avoid rumours amongst the neighbours. :w00t:
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