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David Roach

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I use a PreSonus Studio 2|6 USB interface with a pair of PreSonus speakers. An AKG 1000S that I've had for 20 years+ (and that I keep threatening to upgrade) and mainly Cakewalk's DAW.
I was given a free version of Cakewalk 25 years ago and just kept upgrading and never bothered to switch to anything else. It has the advantage of being a fully fledged Audio and Midi workstation plus a good staff view of the midi parts, something most other programs lack and that I find indispensable. Cakewalk is now completely free, but my paid-for plugins from previous versions still work fine.
I've recently bought Cubase and Dorico Elements. The scoring and printing in Cakewalk is rudimentary so I've been learning Dorico and like it a lot. But Cubase still doesn't do it for me as a sequencer in the way that Cakewalk does despite being an industry standard.
I also have a copy of Presonus' Studio One DAW which is fine, but again, no staff view of midi parts.
I recently upgraded my music computer to an AMD Ryzen 5 system and added a 27" screen, which is great fun considering my last music set-up was 10 years old!!

Nick Wyver

Cheap and cheerful probably sums it up.
Mic is a SE Electronics S1.
Attaches to a Zoom R8 recorder acting as a digital interface.
Which attaches to a basic PC with Ubuntu OS.
DAW is Ardour.
Effects are minmal - just a bit of reverb.


I have been using iPad, Cubasis and Eventide reverb. Recently bought a laptop and will be using M-Audio Luna mic, Zoom U44 interface, Reaper DAW and Reason Studios 11 - once I get my head around it all!


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Electrovoice RE27 N/D dynamic mic via Scarlett 2i2 (1st edition) Interface into Windows 7 laptop, recording and mixing with Audacity, using inbuilt effects for Compression and simple room Reverb.

Occasionally I use my Zoom H2n digital recorder and then transfer files onto the PC and into Audacity.

Over the last few months I have been having problems with the PC crashing (Blue Screen Of Death) caused by the Scarlett. I had cured it but it returned with the most recent Win 7 updates.

As my laptop is quite elderly I am seriously considering replacing it and possibly going down the Apple Mac route.

Yerp it's kinda make your mind up time though you could upgrade your OS to windoze 10 its passable but the 32 bit version I have is soon to be abandoned which could result in me encountering a OS failure leading to my whole setup being unusable, obsolete. Very very expensive indeedy.
Rhys. if you DO get your Mac you will have GarageBand installed as standard or at the very least a free app store Download.
It's such an easy and well featured wee DAW to use you will be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner, and that's coming from a guy that runs a 15 year old version of cubase LOL.


I mostly use a SE Electronics SE Mini, discontinued in 2007. The replacement at that brand is the X1S, £115 at Thomann. Looks like a nice rig. That's about the price I think you get enough bang for the buck. I bought mine used for 65€. My other mic is a Sennheiser MD421, looks like around £350, I bought it new in the 1970's with a lot of other equipment. They're common in studios for drums and guitar.
From there, a Behringer X1024USB 8-channel mixer.

From there, via USB to a Mac Mini running Logic X. Like many here, I also have Band in a Box and iReal Pro, both for backing tracks.

I also have a Zoom H1, used for live gigs.

I use Sennheiser headphones and have 2 pair of wireless headphones from them, but use it more for podcasting. The delay is distracting when using them to record music.


AT2035 mic (better signal to noise ratio than AT2020 enables quieter dynamics),
Focusrite Solo (1×mic, 1xinstrumentJack for my keyboard/aerophone),
Reaper, lots of free vst plugins, Reverb prefer Reaper's vocal preset (simply add until you notice and then backoff until you don't),
BIAB for backing tracks,
Melodyne for checking pitch and timing.
Aerophone for violin/harmonica/muted trumpet solos primarily to add variety to sax.
I just added a Nektar Panorama T4 midi controller. It integrates the DAWs so almost eliminates mouse-clicking, replacing it with physical sliders and knobs which I find much easier. Plus killer midi effects for drums, bass, guitar and piano.

View: https://youtu.be/cMVxxB9Nfp8


AKG 420, Sterling Ribbon mic or an SM57B into a Scarlett 2i2 and Logic. I ordered a Stellar X2 mic (large capsule condenser) that I'll give a whirl once I get it, supposed to work very well with a sax.


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I absolutely love our ribbons through a TRP ribbon preamp, for sax the favourites are an RCA 44bx and an AEA R84, but we are ribbon freaks, so there are quite a few more in the microphone locker.... If I don't use the 44bx I love the Flea12, again the TRP does a fabulous job with the tube mics. I also love our Neve 1073 preamp, it's a very characterful sound, very nice with large diaphragm condenser mics. Everything goes through a UAD Apollo, we have ProTools, Logic and Reaper. Plugins- everything you could possibly try, I love the UAD and Acustica Audio plugins.
I know it's over the top if people just want to do very simple recordings, but I got so much into it, and I developed this terrible mic habit, whenever I see one that we haven't got yet I want it...

Colin the Bear

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I use a shure SH55 Dark Night or is it a Pitch Black any way it's black poked into the mic socket on the laptop and open audacity. I have a usb condenser mic somewhere that I bought cheap for the case. It turned out to be better than the mic I wanted the case for. :confused:


Apogee One Interface/Mic to record with iPhone or iPad (Cubasis on iPhone and iPad, but prefer Auria Pro on iPad).
How are you finding this setup on the iPad? My PC died but I've got an iPad pro and a Zoom H6.
(I could've bought a new laptop....but I bought a tenor instead) :blush:

Wondering about your setup with the Apogee & Auria Pro on the iPad - how does it compare to recording on a mac/pc? Thanks!!


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How are you finding this setup on the iPad? My PC died but I've got an iPad pro and a Zoom H6
First - my "old" iPad is broken and I had to get a new one with USB C.
So One is not working anymore with this iPad and I had to sell it.

I'm thinking about whether buying this:
or this, if I can somehow find some money :)

I like recording with a touchscreen. I prefer the 27' iMac, but compared to a Macbook - I'm not sure.

The H6's interface is not bad, I think maybe in the future you could try a better mic to improve sound quality (which is IMHO high enough for home recording with the built in mics).

Cheers, Guenne
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