Saxophones What a great pinky table - move every which way!


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Near Lutterworth, Leics.

Anyone seen another with as many rollers?

No idea what sax it is... all there is to identify it is a "wolf's head" logo...


Bell brace may help to identify...

I've seen that logo before somewhere.
A wild guess is that the logo is an M and V for Mantes-la-Ville, which would narrow it down to French at least.
Yuk - it can have all the rollers on the planet but its still just another "poke your finger down a hole to get the B" type .
Couldn't it be a Russian sax? Looks like cyrillic letters below the serial number
Also see these ones: and
Same kind of pinky table, same kind of bell brace.
Seems there was a company called "Moscow Music Works" with an M logo but I cant' find any image.

The line below the serial number might be the price as the last three letters spell RUB, code for rouble.
David , have you counted up how many horns you have owned in total ?
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